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Quote o’ the Day

“Education will never be as expensive as ignorance.”

– Fortune cookie at a local Chinese restaurant

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7 thoughts on “Quote o’ the Day

  1. True enough!

  2. Michael on said:

    The tricky part, of course, is who gets to define what constitutes education and what constitutes ignorance.

    I, for one, can certainly see many an art history graduate degree from a private institute of “higher education” being quite a bit more expensive than the “ignorance” of not having embarked on that course of study.

    • Great minds think alike, I guess. I first considered all the kids with degrees and student loans hanging over their heads unable to find work except for unrelated, go-nowhere minimum wage. And the fact that the vast majority of college grads never get jobs related to their field of study. And the cost of that. So I wanted to reword the quotation, perhaps swapping in “knowledge” and “costly”. And then I considered that education comes in many forms, including failure. One can get into quite a mish-mosh. But if you leave it generalized, it’s true enough. So I left it alone, suspecting that it might be the first quotation here to ever draw a few comments. How would you reword it or reshape it to iron out the modern exceptions?

  3. I Like it as it stands. I had an odd one the last time I went for Chinese. Still sticks in my head and I dont know why or what it means really. It is a German proverb, (which I thought was odd to find in a Chinese fortune cookie) It said “Trees never touch the sky”

  4. My last fortune cookie said “Action with a brain. Today you should proceed with caution. ”

    Rather appropriate for a man with traumatic brain injury don’t you think.


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