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Views of the Carnage

Just a few random shots of the Mighty Furd in the shop. These were taken by my intrepid service writer and texted to me. It’s now 5:15PM, so the thing fought tooth and nail on the front suspension. It’s just being finished up now, all work complete once the road test is done. I think we can all agree at this point that this should be the last post of its kind for awhile, eh?

Update: The difference that the new shocks make is, well, shocking. The change on pavement is very noticeable, the usual violence at the same old RR crossings is quite a bit smoother, and diagonally crossing drainage trays at intersections or aprons is absent the usual pitching. Those puppies are workin‘.  Surveying the invoice shows that they cost twice as much as the weak Monroe Gas Magnums. Ow. But based on history so far, they should last twice as long. Engine oil and coolant temps are continuing to ease back to their former spread. This is good!

Aside: a couple was at the dealership the first day, also owning a 2008 Super Duty 6.4, though this was what he referred to as an F-something Towmaster, a commercial -level variant. They’d already been through what sounded like several DPF units in the exhaust, likely because the truck has been receiving a frequent diet of 5%-20% biodiesel, which is a big no-no. This 2008-2010 series can’t take above 5%, or several bad emissions-related things result. That day, it needed a radiator and several other things estimated at $10,000 total. He’s kinda stuck at the moment because he pulls a humongous fifth wheel and a boat behind that, so it’s not like he can just pick anything off the lot as an option. Chevy and Dodge salesmen wouldn’t even sell him a truck in 2008 for the total weights involved, and he’s certainly no longer pleased with his Ford experience, so looks like they have some difficult decision-making ahead of them. They’re quite well off by my standards, but won’t be if this keeps up! Retired but not old enough for SS yet.

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11 thoughts on “Views of the Carnage

  1. Allen Cowan on said:

    Oh, the humanity!!!

  2. Dennis on said:

    Oh the humanity!!!!

  3. Reminds me of the old days, I did many a Ford front end. Of course none of them as new as yours.
    Take everything apart to change the front U joints. The work was fun!
    Did you get it back yet?

    • Fun? Pervert. 🙂

      They foisted it off on me not long after I posted, and I’ve added an update section at the end of the post. I’m now poor but quite pleased. It now drives like a sports car…with turbo lag and a 2,000-pound safe in its trunk. If the camper weren’t there, I suspect that it could still keep up with the Mazda RX-8 I had on sweeping steady-state turns. I know. I couldn’t believe it either. But the little Mazda felt heavy for its size.

  4. ouch! It hurts to see your beloved Ford disassembled and strewn on the floor. It would scare me to death – the ‘what if’s loom large. Glad it all went back together with no pain other than the wallet.

    • Thank you, Pam. In person, it looked a bit like an IED had exploded under the front end. Parts and fasteners all over. I was surprised that there were no leftover parts when it was done, and especially that the little tire pressure sensor valve caps were all back in place. I was concerned that they’d lose one. But nope. So far there are no funny noises or strange behaviors, so it doesn’t look like I’ll need a return trip to correct anything. I like that. Two-year warranty on the work, and that can be done at any Ford dealer in the country.

  5. jr cline on said:

    That is a lot of weight to tow. I don’t think I’d have the nerve to tow the boat behind the fifth wheel. Scares me.
    I’m glad to hear your truck is back on the road.

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