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Wimped Out Again!

No much for picturesque, but the WiFi signal is awesome. That's the park's #3 antenna next to the trailer.

No much for picturesque, but the WiFi signal is awesome. That’s the park’s #3 antenna next to the trailer.

Well, this was an odd end of day. I hit the Cozad Rest Area, and with only six truck spaces inline right next to the highway, mostly full, I could tell that it would not be primo. So, I went some 17 miles further west to my Plan B stop, another rest area near Brady, Nebraska. That had 22 truck spaces in diagonal. That was about half-full already, but I pulled in and began liberating the Defiant’s couch so I could lounge.

Trouble was, the cooling rain never showed up, and the trailer’s interior was once again reading 92 degrees. I listened to the refrigerated truck next to me grinding away, and the sheen of sweat began. Ugh. Another hot, moist and noisy night. Plus, Nebraska officially allows only a 10-hour stop.  I yanked out the iPhone and Googled “RV Park North Platte, NE” and found the Lincoln Highway RV Park some miles ahead and north of I-80. $20 per night for electric only. I called to make sure a slot was available, and upon arriving found that they had just one 30-amp space to let, so I took it. They claim that the rest are 50-amp, which uses a different plug style. I have an adapter for such emergencies, but preferred the easy in and out of the single spot.

Wow, what a dump. The regular spots are survivable, but this is a large combo RV park and storage lot for everything from semis to RVs. The power seems to be based on 110 volts, but at least it doesn’t dip much once the A/C is turned on. So I’m cooling down nicely and, thanks to the WiFi antenna next to the trailer, may well be able to pull down a Netflix movie, real-time. That’s a first. WiFi at most RV parks is questionable at best, requiring my directional amp to get even an iffy signal. Not so here. I may wake up tomorrow morning with a tan. The water heater will have to wait until morning, when the A/C is no longer needed.

The day began with an exceptional crosswind, enough to get the many wind generators in the area honking. I could not comfortably sustain 60 MPH solo, and passing semis generate a pressure wave at the nose of the trailer, made worse by the crosswind at left. That steers the pickup left, toward the semi. Not the best. You have to keep tabs on the side mirror to see what type of vehicle is about to pass. So it was 55 MPH for awhile until the wind faded to strong.

The resulting 8 MPG average at the start was painful, all the more because it means that all of the tires are being dragged sideways, essentially. Lots of heat and wasted fuel. Once the wind tapered off a bit, the readout rose back up to 9.8 MPG for the day. But then one of the two catches on the office side window popped loose, and the window’s forward edge tries to pry outward. If the second, healthier latch were to let go, that would not be good at all. A quick stop at another rest area fixed that, and it’s been holding fine.

The disappointment for the day was that the Ford’s trailer brake gizmo is indicating “faulty trailer wiring”, which indicates an issue with something rearward. Maybe it’s the coach battery charging circuit, maybe something minor. However, the brakes, taillights and flashers work fine, so I dismissed the message and will forge onward.

On the good side, cabin temps are now quite livable thanks to this camp, and I’m slurping a gin and tonic, with lime wedge, as I write this. Life is good, once again. Made it!

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10 thoughts on “Wimped Out Again!

  1. We were crossing new Mexico & had heavy winds in our class A a couple of years back. We stopped early & stayed an extra day.
    Just not in that much of a hurry most of the time.

    • New Mexico winds prompted the same from me on my first trip out, Rob. The headwinds chopped me down to 7 MPG, and I decided that pressing on wasn’t worth it, literally. Parked it.

  2. Self medicating…….sounds like a plan.

    • Yes, Papa, and I am one of those who believe that people need to participate fully in any medical treatments or prescriptions that a professional deems necessary. Though a day-end drink was never prescribed, they do occasionally ask if I drink, and I take that as a suggestion for me to consider. A glass of red wine is my usual choice, although a little gin and tonic can soothe the nerves, in moderation. Taken in combination with typing or reading magnifies the effects.

  3. Gin & tonic! You’re a man of good taste.

  4. It’s amazing how little it takes to make us happy, isn’t it? After having issues with my fingers, thumbs and wrists when I drove in high side winds once, I never drive in wind now. A little is okay, a short distance is okay, but sustained high winds are something I avoid now, for sure. Plus, I’m sure it’s dangerous accident-wise. Any way, glad you made it and chilled out with a nice cocktail. 🙂

    • Thanks, BJ! Fortunately for me, the power steering on the Mighty Furd is excellent, so the only issue is staying on top of the occasional wig-wag that’s helped along by the tall-tread off-road tires that make it more squirmy.

  5. Funny – our temps are mid 60s. Supposed to get some rain tomorrow but then it looks like clear skies and mid 60s for the next 10 days. You are just not going far enough to hit the cooler temps…

    Glad you are safe.

    Michael & Susan

    • Not going far enough, as in, say, Buenos Aires, Argentina?? Nope, my fuel costs would work against that, not to mention the “fees” to get across the multitude of borders between here and there. Unlike you, I can’t part with the Mighty Furd or my accumulation of crapola. As you head into summer in the next few months, perhaps your sweat factor will improve there!

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