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The Team Shoestring Updates!

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The Original Team Shoestring Updates!

Listen to this fascinating audio clip to discover the awe and mystery of the fabulous Team Shoestring!

Yes. it’s true! Once the exclusive domain of race historians and criminal psychologists alike, now you can experience the actual behind-the-scenes action for yourself! Unearthed after more than two decades in the Team Shoestring archive vaults, they are every bit as timely and as fascinating as they ever were!


Episodes, in order:

  • Update #1: Team Shoestring throws its hat in the STORM ring and briefly replays the tragic crash of Eberhard “Fireball” Faber Sr.
  • Update #2: July 4th race promo, the introduction of Team Shoestring Racing pencils, and the sign-on of Carol’s Cube-A-Rama as Team Sponsor.
  • Update #3: Cube-A-Rama Gourmet Cubes, the debut of the fabulous Team Shoestring Hyperdrive Thunderbird, and a more in-depth review of Fireball’s race crash that changed so many lives forever.
  • Update #4: Promotional announcement of all the remaining STORM racing dates, and the introduction of the “Mystery Race”! This was entirely appropriate for the confined STORM “bullring” oval.
  • Update #5: Hurried cancellation of the “Mystery Race” and disclaimer of liability.
  • Update #6: Review of the July 18th event, the introduction of Carol’s Muffler Bearings as a sponsor, as well as Mayor Rita Politico, Team Crew Chief Nigel Teabag, and monitoring of on-board Team radio communications during this exciting event. Real behind-the-scenes info, most of it bad.
  • Update #7: The introduction of Mood Cubes, a recounting of the colorful birth of Team Shoestring, the untimely demise of founding Crew Chief Luigi Castelli, and Eberhard Faber Jr.’s solemn vow. Plus, a final inspiring message from the President of Team Shoestring. It captures all that Team Shoestring stands for: Idiocy and Pointlessness. And maybe Futility.
  • Update #8: Fireball Faber Sr. is found alive! A stunning live news bulletin by reporter Sheila Napalm at the Our Lady of Pain Hospital in Pittsville, with a follow-up interview with race car driver and sportsman Eberhard Faber Jr.


[Please Note: What’s worth mentioning about the audio episodes, combined here into one 30-minute play, is that they were made using only a bad microphone, LP record turntable, stereo amplifier, and cassette tape deck, plus a cheap Radio Shack walkie-talkie set in my unfinished basement. No mixer, no dubbing, no overlaying of tracks or editing, no computer. I had to cue up the LP music and sound effects into one stereo channel, and start talking into the mic on the other. Timing off? Back up the master recording tape and try it again. I eventually suckered my two young kids into rounding out the character list (I can only do so many voices) and they had fun doing their parts. Fortunately for you, I’ve since converted these to monaural so that the absolutely unmixed stereo won’t drive you nuts. The content still might, though. They’re very well done considering the methods and equipment used, mind you, but THX Dolby Surround Sound, it isn’t.]

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