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Pops goes on tour.

Oh, It’s Just a Tattoo…





Possible captions?

1. Mr. Atwood, can you take a moment to help Mrs. Farley select a paint color for her nursery?

2. No, I don’t care for soup today, thank you.

3. Boy, when I get a bad cold, everybody just avoids me!

4. Hey, I can babysit your daughter as well as anyone!

5. Well see, first, I read Moby Dick, and then I went to this vodka party…

6. You can see from my resume that I’m fully qualified. Can you tell me why I didn’t get the job?

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8 thoughts on “Oh, It’s Just a Tattoo…

  1. Barbara Goodman on said:

    And where did you meet this fella ??? I want to stay away from there…..

  2. Donna (stickhouse in CT) on said:

    Good Gawd! There is showing your individuality, then there is nuts! I like number six. Another caption: “What? Why are you staring at me?”

  3. PamP on said:

    Its sad to realize this person was once a beautiful, perfect baby boy and was probably loved very much.

    • Kinda makes me wonder just where along the way life derailed for him. One might say that it’s merely a form of self-expression, but not having grown up in his culture, it strikes me as more tragic and self-destructive in basis than anything else. He appears to be announcing to the world that he’s as lost as lost can be, but that’s just my take. I “get” tattooing, even extensive tattooing, as potential body art, and perhaps it’s merely the result of poor taste or a lack of discernment in painting his canvas and hanging his decorations. Let’s just say I’ve seen better presentations.

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