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Weird Rain

My camera is aimed out the driver's side office window. Other than a couple of puddles, a suddenly-clean vehicle and 57% humidity, there's no trace of the rain.

My camera is aimed out the driver’s side office window. Other than a couple of puddles, a suddenly-clean vehicle and 57% humidity, there’s no trace of the rain.

Originally Posted 12/14/2012

A surprise to me, it did rain for hours last night. The ground doesn’t absorb much water at all, so the area where I am was crisscrossed with small rivers of water going every which way. About midnight, I could hear the tap, tap, tap of a water drip and got up to try to trace its destination. I wound up removing a bench seat at the dinette, where the fresh water tank resides, and thankfully found that the tapping was water dripping on the plastic lid of its inlet outside the trailer. Whew!

The weather for the next couple of days is expected to mix between sun and clouds with a chance of rain, so I’ll be monitoring my power usage to make sure the solar panels are able to keep up with things. It was a good thing that I went ahead and added those panel straps, since at one point, the wind speed was commendably high. Wind will remain significant for the rest of today.

Now that the panels are tied down, I can appreciate how unobtrusively they work. A newer camper across the way has a couple of solar panels on the roof of his trailer, but still apparently needs to run a generator each morning as soon as he gets up. Good thing I’m not parked close. The other thing I appreciate about this setup is that, during high wind storms, I’m used to having the power flicker or cut out for a few seconds, wreaking havoc with computers, printers, and other electronic gizmos that don’t do well with the sudden loss. So, I sometimes shut them down as a precaution. No need, here. Except for a near-direct hit at the trailer by lightning, the lack of being on the power grid means constant power no matter what. No precautions needed. I was able to enjoy watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas with impunity. Impunity, I say!


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