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The Command Center's status is inoperative, sir!

The Command Center’s status is inoperative, sir!

Originally posted 12/15/2012

Oh, the irony. Friday night, I was using the computer to convert a file from one format to another, an intensive process. After I had dinner and checked progress, I found it stalling, with the one-month-old internal hard drive loudly click-clacking like a grandfather clock with a bad limp. There was no way to get an orderly shutdown, and once forced, it can’t boot up at all once the drive starts up. Ka-WHACK, ka-WHACK! I could be wrong, but I’m convinced that the hard drive itself has gone bad, which is ironic because it was installed under warranty to replace the working OEM drive that was simply at risk of going bad. I haven’t had much luck with Seagate drives over the last decade, though Western Digital’s track record hasn’t been perfect for me, either.

Now I’ll have to impatiently wait until Monday to call my Mac place in Phoenix to see what they say about warranty coverage and replacement drive availability. (There’s no way a mere mortal can open an iMac up – it is nothing but a glass face and a 1-piece aluminum clamshell.) I was about to send a guy some photos of a car he recently bought, one that had been featured in my former blog The McHenry County Vintage Car Gazette, but that’s not possible anytime soon, now! Dang!

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