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Day Two, Santa Fe, NM

Today’s travel has taken me into the western half of New Mexico, which provides an abundance of views that are breathtaking (whether the photos are or not). Actually, I can barely tell what’s in these photos, as the software I’m using presents them as images smaller than postage stamps. You’ll also have to forgive tilting and in some cases poor aim – all were taken by simply holding up the camera, without benefit of either viewfinder or LCD display. Just shootin’ blind and hoping one turns out! Regardless, there’s no way to drive I-40 through this state without gawking like a rube in the big city for the first time. Fast transport through this state is a waste of life.

It has, however, given me the second item on my bucket list. The first was to attend some of the land speed record attempts at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah. No explanation needed there. The second is to hit some portions of decommissioned old Route 66, otherwise known as Historic Route 66 that officially ended its last segment in 1985. As I drove along I-40, I kept seeing Read more…

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