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NF-493 – The Movie

Well, due to its length of 29 minutes, not too many folks are going to suffer through this thing because it’s not relevant to how they camp or would want to camp if they could. Then again, if you harbor the same “get out there” delusions I do and want to find out what you can unknowingly get yourself into, then this is for you. All the trail surface variety and wild 3 MPH action is here. plus there’s all that blue sky on one side and mountainside on the other. Looking at the footage, it’s obvious that I dropped a wheel solidly into that erosion hole at ledge’s edge, and yet I can’t explain why no tire tracks can be found in the dust around the bad part of it. I’ll have to leave that mystery as it is. Not being a daredevil and disliking drop-off edges, I chose that path to avoid some difficulties on the other side. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking with it.

Both hairpin turns are on here as well, and had I not been so preoccupied with my mission to discover a campsite close to Mingus Mountain, I should have thought to also capture the inside of each turn, which is where all the difficulty lay. Time pressure on an unfamiliar trail does that to you. The Mighty Furd handles tight turns with all the lithe agility of the Queen Mary, so whichever rear tire is on the inside of a boulder-strewn turn is the one to pay attention to. In this case, the rocks were as much a hazard to the body as they were to the tires/wheels.

At any rate, if you’re going to take a crack at this video, I recommend running it at fullscreen. Be sure to wave to the motorcyclist at the end.

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