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NF-593 – The Movie

My apologies: the route is NF-493. This error is in the video as well, so all subscribers have received another notification to a corrected post and video in addition to this now-bogus one. The corrected post is here.


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3 thoughts on “NF-593 – The Movie

  1. FR-593 or FR-493?

    • Oh, poo! It’s 493. The “problem” runs from stem to stern in both the post and the video, so now all who’ve subscribed will soon find one dead link (I’ll delete this post and publish another near-duplicate) and one good one. I’ve corrected the video and am uploading it at glacial speed, and will tag it in the correct new post. Thanks very much for picking up on this, Norm. Much appreciated.

      • I looked and I looked to find that new road. 😉
        I love the Mingus Mtn campground with it’s fantastic view of Cottonwood and the Verde Valley. Had I been up there I might have seen you motoring along FR-493, visible from the top. I’ve been hiking and motorcycling on FR-413 (Allen Springs Rd). Keep up the the great posts, Doug.

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