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A Cellular-Challenged Campsite

Just letting you know that I’m in a very notable campsite at the moment, but the cellular signal is one bar, and the Internet is unreachable throughout most of the day. The only exception is email, which works on its own unique time table. Viewing websites and uploading even one photo is not possible, let alone some videos I have waiting. The stories that I have in mind depend on them. I am amazed that I can, with difficulty, even post this bare notice! It’s a fluke of timing and atmospherics, I guess. When I move to a more cellular-friendly site, I’ll post some more useless fluff.

So, we wait.

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5 thoughts on “A Cellular-Challenged Campsite

  1. Doug – never useless – I always enjoy your posts.

  2. jr cline on said:

    Happens to me too.

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