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The Badlands Photo Extravaganza

Sometimes it’s best to just show a place for what it is, and not distract with words. I haven’t been here for three decades, and although the people-herding side of the Badlands National Park has changed a lot, the natural features have not.

Walkways to viewpoints and the ground are new.

The markers designate a path to follow, of sorts. Signs warn visitors to carry water and a compass, at the least.

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7 thoughts on “The Badlands Photo Extravaganza

  1. beautiful photos … do you think these remnants are evidence of a gigantic post flood run-off ?

    • Well, looking at “new” areas here that are just beginning the process of water erosion in miniature, it is plain that they are the product of run-off, and now slight amounts of continuing annual surface erosion as well. I’d have to say it’s quite plausible, the only debating point being time frame. As you are aware, I believe that a global flood did take place at one time. As the washes in Arizona show, you can do a heck of a lot of damage in a very short period of time, given enough water flow.

  2. Linda Sand on said:

    Or melting glaciers at the end of the last ice age?

    • Not sure how to answer that, as Science claims that we are still in an ice age that began 2-1/2 million years ago, but are merely in an interglacial period (a temporary warmup, a blip). Much of scientific thought in carbon dating and ice ages are fraught with assumptions and difficulties, so I’ll hedge my bets and confidently answer “maybe”. It’s definitely water runoff, the question remaining whether it is the result of flow from massive amounts of melting ice. Could be, although relatively small changes in land elevation can shift truly massive amounts of water as well. Pick your favorite. Flood drainage, ice age melting, elevation changes.

  3. I miss the Badlands terrifically. It was the highlight of our journey westward last year. There was nothing like waking up to bison meandering through your camp. Great photos by the way.

    • Thank you re the photos, Tobias. If you miss the Badlands, my next post will include a video (which I can’t currently upload) that will either help the withdrawal symptoms or make them worse – I’m not sure which. I’ve watched it many times, as it helps me…but then I’ll watch it again a couple of days later, so apparently it’s no substitute for the real thing!

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