Strolling Amok

Pops goes on tour.

Buffalo in the Badlands

I offer for your amusement this very brief video (about 40MB) which I captured with my Pentax DSLR on the road to camp.

During filming, the optical eyepiece is blocked out and the rear LCD display shows what is being captured. In bright sunlight, that’s a problem. I could only make out what was land and what was sky – pretty much, anyway. Afterward, stabilization in software helped with the result. Looks like I’ll be unpacking the ancient Canon digital tape videocam while I’m here. It has an optical eyepiece.

This place hit 85 yesterday, then a low of 48 last night. A severe thunderstorm skated past in the late afternoon and early evening, but it was far enough off to the south to merely rumble in the distance. The campground was pretty well packed out with young Nature lovers last night as well, which makes me wonder about weekends. Intimate camping, I’d call it. The tenters next to the Intrepid were parked less than ten feet away! But I couldn’t blame them for avoiding the still roomy center area, which had one tenter running a moderately raucous generator for quite awhile. Then the whole hoard disappeared the next morning. This is a 14-day limit area, and there are only a few who are sticking with it for any length of time.

Horsies! Two rigs rolled in at the same time, and look like they might stay the night. It’s almost 4 PM, and they’re saddling up!

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