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Waiting at a traffic light in Yuma AZ yesterday, I spotted the above pontoon boat converted into a small houseboat. I had seriously considered this approach instead of buying a used TT or converting a cargo trailer before I started out, and it’s extra-nice to see that someone persevered and got an especially nice one done. And the trailer has a nice, wide stance. Awesome! It probably sits a bit low in the water unless there’s a third pontoon at center, but feast your eyes on an RV that’s truly recreational!

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7 thoughts on “Mini-Houseboat!

  1. I like it! I wonder how that would work putting down the Mississippi ….

    • Oh yeah! I’m thinking a trolling motor and a couple of solar panels would also allow access to those many small lakes where motor restrictions are in place. Just idle on out there, drop anchor and “set up camp”. The Mighty Mississip’, quiet lakes, or dry land. Adaptability can be a handy thing.

  2. Linda Sand on said:

    I love it! And I don’t do boats since a bad canoe accident left me full of fear.

  3. jr cline on said:

    I’ve entertained the idea of living on a houseboat.

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