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A Few Screws Loose Dept.

Well, I’m usually at least ten years behind the times, which is often good. Now and then, I “discover” something worth discovering – that others have long since known about and agree is good. In this case, I’ll leave the value determination up to you. The video that I present below appears to be the illicit spawn of “Weird” Al Yankovic and the late British actor and comedian Terry Thomas. It drew my attention because at the turn of the last century, wealthy Americans did their best to fraternize exclusive private gentlemen’s clubs, while the young, future inheritors of those estates did their best to be proper “chaps” or “chappies”. Same as in Britain, family wealth connoted superior breeding and rightful societal position, etc, etc.  So, in the spirit of Chap-dom, I present Mr. B, a clever young entertainer who has found a workable niche. The reflective work below is entitled, Dammit It Feels Good to be a Chap itself a take-off of Damn, It Feels Good to be a Gangsta. Perhaps you will, as I did, conclude a third viewing with a smile and the incompletely-answered question, “What…the…hell was that??”


A longer (too long but more satisfying) work is Mr. B and his “banjolele” grinding out Chap-Hop History below. As parodies go, it’s top drawer, I should say. Quite. Makes one want to brew a spot of tea, don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “A Few Screws Loose Dept.

  1. If all our screws were tight it would be a pretty dull world!

    (At least that’s what I tell myself in an attempt to justify my own personal loose screws)

    Up to 15 lbs. yet??

    • This is true, Greg. And no, they recommend extra care in loads and walking until the six-week point in early November, when the follow-up appointment with the surgeon comes up. Though I can tell that things are starting to knit, I can also feel the direct effects of lifting and walking with known low weights. Best not to press. 😉

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