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The Pack Mule Page!

The System, ready to deploy.

The System, ready to deploy.

After much work to make an excessively long and tedious information page even more so, the Evelo Pack Mule page is finally complete – for now. That page is tabbed above, right beside Contact Me, About, and Mailing Addresses. It’s about the volume of a mid-sized novel, which makes it a slow-reading reference to the why and how of transforming a very competent e-bike into a Beverly Hillbillies version of a unique fixer-upper.

But it does spell it all out as to why I needed an e-bike, what I decided I needed it to do, what I did to make it suit my oddball purposes, why I chose the componentry I did, and how it’s all working out. It’s also one of the more comprehensive reviews of the Evelo Aurora out there, but from a viewpoint slightly bent toward my own eclectic schemes and needs.

Frankly, it’s a page that won’t fly for those of you who have little interest in such things, since its amusement factor is pretty limited. It does have its moments here and there, but perhaps not enough to keep you awake. For those of you who are curious about e-bikes in general, it should tell you quite a bit more than you wanted to know. It should satisfy anyone specifically interested in the Evelo Aurora and how I’ve butchered it to bend to my will, but even then, it’s not something to sit down and saw through in one shot. Plus, it’s not a very effective sales job on Evelo’s behalf, since I’ve included just enough to maybe make Evelo regurge a Philly cheese steak sandwich or two. Not that there’s anything wrong with the bike, mind you, but I’m kind of pushing the envelope by making it accommodate things it was never designed for. It’s kind of like taking a Camaro and modding it to haul sand bags. I’m sure they’ll rescind any take-down request once the panic attacks subside.

In the meantime, skim over it as you like, and if you already own an Aurora, you can put your two cents in here. We’re always open.

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