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Reviews As Viewpoints of Life


In my quest to preplan a stay in Parker, AZ to get the Mighty Furd worked on, I was researching both free boondocking possibilities and commercial campsites in the area that were within striking distance of the Ford dealership in town. That’s just in case I had to leave the Ford there, waiting for parts, or whatever. You know how that goes. The Defiant would be stranded for several days in such a case, maybe without being able to deploy its solar panels.

One option is the Blue Water RV Park, located as part of a casino just outside of town. What struck me was reading three contrasting reviews, and I find such contrasts often. Sometimes gripes are legitimate, and sometimes, it’s the pot calling the kettle black. But the three reviews that I found notable seemed to reflect a basic outlook to things in general.

Comment 1: “Usually the RV Parks associated with Casinos are quite good. Not this one. There are two parking areas one adjacent to the river and one in the ‘Canyon’ The sites near the river are not too bad. Mostly back-in with concrete patios not big enough for a front door DP. No privacy between sites. The view from your patio is your neighbors hook-ups. The Canyon is a different situation. More like a gravel pit with back in sites with an almost vertical bank behind you and a narrow road up the middle with a small turn around at the end. The main road through the park has evil speed bumps that are not always at right angles to the road so a Motorhome has to put four separate wheels over them causing some severe lurching. Looks like the park was put together as an afterthought to a very nice casino and hotel. Pity as the Colorado river is a nice location for the winter We camped here in a Motorhome.”

Comment 2: “Friendly staff. Good sites and a short walk to river and casino. Would stay again. We camped here in a Fifth Wheel.

Comment 3: “There are a few campsites where one can see the river and we had one of those sites. Made for a nice sunset over the river. Most sites have very limited view of the river. With the A/C running and the microwave we tripped a breaker. Measured the line and we were down around 100v. Since we were on the end of the line and everyone had their a/c going, I guess I am not surprised. Generally an average campground for along the river. It appears to be run by the local Indian tribe that runs the nearby casino. There is a boat ramp and good campground if you are camping with water craft. This is an orderly campground and maintained by the full-time staff. Parking is gravel, and most of the park roads are paved. The camp sites in the ‘canyon’ are all gravel including the road to the sites. We would stay here again if we are in Parker in the future. We camped here in a Motorhome.”

Each of these three folks stayed in the very same campground, and yet, look at the way they each perceived it. Attitude is everything. The question these comments prompted me to ask myself is, with what basic outlook do I want to view the various situations that I encounter in life?


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8 thoughts on “Reviews As Viewpoints of Life

  1. I like camping at Indian Casinos – but only the free ones. Basically you’re in a parking lot, but they are always clean and patrolled, and a short walk to the casino if you’re a gambler (I’m not) and their restaurants. I always appreciate the free parking and will buy lunch or a breakfast as a thank you. 🙂

  2. jr cline on said:

    Attitude is everything in life. That’s been true for me.

  3. Doug I visited the casino there in Parker last year.
    My impression of the setting there on the river was how beautiful the river was.
    The food was poor at best and the campground was one of the worst I have ever seen.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    The county campground just a few miles farther north on the other hand is very impressive.

    • Well, there ya go. And that was the best rated one in Parker! What’s the name of this county campground (in California?), and what’s your perception of “a few miles”? It matters to the e-bike.

  4. Linda Sand on said:

    Out Shea Road there is boondocking where friends have stayed and liked it. Behind McDonalds is a big gravel lot where I have overnighted but not sure what would happen if you unhooked a trailer there. Less conspicuously there is a small lot next to a laundromat on 16th where semi trucks overnight. There used to be BLM boondocking just across the river but I’ve heard they closed it. My membership camground is 7 miles up the California side of the river and they are always having come and try us specials but I’m not sure I’d want to bike that road.

    • You’re a peach, Linda! The laundromat looks very handy for a 2-3 day stay in-town, and Shea Road boondocking looks perfect for an indefinite full-power campout, at maybe 5-6 miles from the dealership. Just superb. Thanks!

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