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Pops goes on tour.


It seems worthy to note that right on completion of a post mentioning that RVs have stuff that fails, my fridge went out. All the indicator lights read just fine, but it ain’t cooling at all. It thinks it’s running, and so the gas keeps going, which it’s not supposed to do. I goofed with it a little, and there apparently isn’t much to be done until I get to Quartzsite, 3 days away. So I shut it off. Food loss was minimal – mainly just a bag and a third of “Sea Varmints”: a frozen seafood mix of  critters dredged up from the ocean, and some frozen lima beans.

I’m not leaving in 3 days, though. Despite a forecast spritz of rain Wednesday and Thursday, I’m hoping the final speed event is able to take place from Thursday over the weekend. So, I’m changing my diet to foods that don’t require refrigeration. Desperate men do desperate things. To that end, I made a trip to town to mail off the failed Kidde smoke alarm, and for the dump station, diesel fuel, propane refill, laundromat, and food for my readjusted no-fridge diet.

On the way back, I went out to the Salt Flats entrance and saw a trailer out there with some orange cones set around, no doubt the advance team checking and measuring the salt surface. More cones were way, way down there. So, I drove out there slowly to see what was up. Not much – they were apparently out on errands. Besides the cargo trailer, there was another trailer with some kind of Bobcat-like vehicle that had a wide blade-like thing on the front. Really weird. I slowly came back off the salt, which was not quite as smooth as I expected, and returned to the trailer.

I opened the Furd’s door to climb out and was quite surprised to see an inch of salt tossed onto the step, plus more salt in the wheel wells! Yaaaahg! I thought I had been going too slow for that! Guess not. Salt is, as you know, highly corrosive, and can even short out electricals if it’s moist and gets thrown up onto connections. Rather than let it sit for a week, I headed back into town again without a second thought, right for the do-it-yourself car wash. What a rip-off! But necessary. The Ford is now clean on the underside, and I’m back home typing, enjoying my evening beverage, and looking forward to a couple of egg sandwiches to finish them off before they spoil. I put a little ketchup on mine, and my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Yum! Anybody else like fried egg sandwiches? Oh boy!

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2 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. RV fridges have a reputation for breaking at bad times. Not that there’s a good time for your fridge to die.

    I love egg sandwiches. Haven’t had one for a long time, though, since I stopped eating bread to get my blood sugars under control. May have to treat myself to one soon.

    • I usually limit myself to one slice, but since I’m not yet as far along as you, I like to think can afford to take the numbers on an average. No more white bread for me, though.

      I noticed the ketchup says it needs to be refrigerated, too. Bummer. I’d just paid extra for the handy squeezy bottle not two weeks ago! Now, to get some value out of it, I may as well squirt the remainder on myself and go lie out beside the road and see who stops…

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