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Pops goes on tour.

Oh, Correction to “Van or RV”

Watch your speed there, buddy!

Watch your speed there, buddy!

It seems I’ve entirely missed one other category in the motive choices available to wander through the beauty of Nature: pack mules. Some thirty years ago, a man decided to wander the West just as some of past generations had – on foot, with livestock in tow. In this case it was a mule. But these are modern times. Now he has three mules, and his lifestyle is freer than anyone in a car, van or RV – at least until the law hassles him. The Atlantic ran a very informative article about him and his mission to keep public lands available to the public. His Facebook page is here. Although he receives occasional donations of equipment and equine supplies, he does have monthly expenses which he carefully documents and shows. They’re about a tenth or less of what mine are, and his transport lends new meaning to the term “biofuel”.

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