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How to Drop Your Blood Pressure 30 Points


One unexpected benefit of RVing for me has been the removal of constant stress. That, and my primitive “lazy-ass bachelor diet” are the only reasons I can think of for dropping my blood pressure from 138 to 108 when measured a year later. My doc had called 138 “borderline high”, and I’d had it for many years, with an Rx having practically no effect.

Imagine my recent surprise when going in to a doctor to get an prescription for being able to buy CPAP parts, finding that my blood pressure had dropped so much with no meds at all. That’s a big deal for me, since a blown heart valve deteriorates much more rapidly under high blood pressure, so I’m warned.  Works it back and forth so much that it goes from “leaky” to completely ineffective. That requires replacement, which is not a strong option for me at today’s costs. Let me know when it drops to 700 bucks or so. Apparently, if you wait that long, a replacement won’t work anyway – it’s way too late. Damage done.

If you’re on your own resources, decreasing blood pressure prolongs what you might call quality of life for this kind of ailment. I’m into that kind of thing lately. Relax. Do what makes you happy. Exercise. Enjoy life. See and experience new things. You know, I suspect that I could get used to this. “RV! It’s heart-healthy living!”

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