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Of Moose and Dogs


Here’s a handy announcement for all you dog lovers out there.  I found it while searching for campsites in Colorado. This is about half of it, but here ya go:

Division of Wildlife

Dogs and Moose Do Not Play Well Together, Reminds CPW

DENVER – In the wake of several people being injured by moose this year, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is reminding outdoor enthusiasts that moose can be aggressive when dogs and humans get too close. Since early spring, wildlife officers have responded to three human/moose conflicts, including two recent incidents in Grand Lake. In all three instances, dogs – both on and off-leash – reportedly spooked the moose before it charged and seriously injured the dog’s owner.

Moose in Colorado have very few natural predators and they are not generally frightened by humans. However, state wildlife officials caution that the large ungulates see dogs as a threat due to their similarities with wolves, their primary predator. Wildlife officials caution that dogs should never be allowed to approach a moose.

“Almost all incidents with aggressive moose involve dogs getting too close to the animal,” said Lyle Sidener, area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife in Hot Sulphur Springs. ” In most cases, a  threatened moose will naturally react and try to stomp on the dog. The frightened dog will typically run back to its owner bringing an angry, thousand pound moose with it.”

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4 thoughts on “Of Moose and Dogs

  1. Dennis S. on said:

    Been in the Grand Lake / Estes Park area. Didn’t come across any moose, but did come across plenty of elk. They can be just as aggressive.

  2. Dennis S on said:

    Did a search for you and found the site…….love what you set out to do. I sent an email using the email link on this site, but not sure if you got it. It has my contact info on it.

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