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She’s Doon, Captain!

The Enterprise at her last port of call, where the equipment failure occurred.

The Enterprise at her last port of call, where the equipment failure occurred.

06.24.2013 – Communications Bay on the Enterprise has reported via emergency channels that its cellular data link equipment is no longer operational, due to a severe overheat condition in an onboard lithium battery power pack. No incidents have been reported. The ship also reported that its cellular voice equipment remains on standby, and that limited data transfer may be handled by its Portable iPad ATT-RIPOFF backup system.

The Enterprise is currently on schedule for its 06.03.2012 arrival at Federation Dock 60152, at which time repairs to the affected equipment will take place as part of the NTF (Normal Refitting Procedures). As a result of this data equipment failure and the necessary transition of the ship to warp speed commencing 05.27.2013, the regularly scheduled publication of blog posts on this website has been temporarily suspended. Publications, if any, may commence only in the event that the ship comes into the range of WiFi communications terminal ports during its return. Except for a brief visit to the planet “Lavaland RV Park” on 5.26.2013, such proximity is not expected due to routing via unexplored territories.

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2 thoughts on “She’s Doon, Captain!

  1. Roy P on said:

    Did ya by chance get the battery at Boeing?

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