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Oddball Hail

Yesterday afternoon, about the same time a massive tornado was leveling Moore, Oklahoma, I thought it notable that heavy cloud cover way over here in Grants, New Mexico started dumping about 15 minutes-worth of small hail. It was odd because the forecast was for mostly cloudy skies with 0% chance of precipitation. I was recording music at the time and, after checking the useless weather forecast, watched the hail closely to see if the size was going to increase. That would determine whether I was going to have to bail out and swing down the solar panels. They’re tempered glass and are rated for something like 1″ hail, but why take chances? Fortunately for me, they stayed at about 1/4″ in diameter. Seemed peculiar that it continued for such a long while.

In a week, I’ll be departing the area and making my way up toward Nebraska as part of the final run. Oklahoma and Missouri aren’t part of the route, so I should be able to confine my adventures to the usual mechanical mishaps. By the way, down here, a 10% chance of rain means that it will rain for awhile at least once. A 20% chance means it will rain several times, off and on. A 30% chance means it’ll rain enough to puddle. Interesting place, the Southwest.

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2 thoughts on “Oddball Hail

  1. Matt on said:

    A large filet mignon (bacon wrapped) with double baked potato, salad, spinach soufflé and dessert await yor return.

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