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Roughing It In Wellton

These are unusually wide spaces. The Furd is in its assigned spot, and the neighbor’s trailer – if there was one – would be maybe ten feet to the left of it. Notice that the Defiant’s defensive array antenna is up and in operation, with the photon launcher below it. On second thought, it might just be the TV antenna and A/C. I forget.

Just before leaving Pioche, Nevada, I double-checked the mileage of the planned run to Parker, Arizona and wondered what I’d been thinking. Way too long, so I cranked the first leg back to Searchlight, Nevada for a more manageable trip of 234 miles, which would take 4 hours of drive time. I have to say, that southern leg of Route 93 is beauticious drive, and I was passing one “scenic trail” and state park after another before hitting Las Vegas. Also, some lakes for fishing. The state parks didn’t tempt me much, but the lakes and “high clearance” trails did. I’ll have to come back this way once I shed the mighty Defiant.

Searchlight is a sparse little mini-village, consisting mostly of Read more…

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