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Day Six, Paxico Kansas

You might think of Kansas as being nothing but flat turf, but it’s not so. The central portion at least is green, rolling hills perfect for grazing. I could have sworn I saw a promotional sign for Russell County offering free residential and business land, but I’m not able to find anything related on the Internet. It was west of Lincoln County, anyhow. Not a lot of people or towns in the western section of the state – many of the exits off I-70 are to access ranches and such in the area.

It was an uneventful day, with orderly driving and lunch at an Ihop after an attempt to get to The Cozy Inn failed. Although they promised to have the very best burger in the state, it took a two-mile drive into Salina (sah-LIE-na, according to the radio announcer) through an interesting

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