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New Name, Same Game

What’s in a name? Since I want to upload a special audio file to this blog, the only way to do that with as my webhost is to change my free “” account into a Personal Pay to Play account that costs $48/year. That also provides other perks of course, one of them being a new domain name of my choice, should I prefer that. Uploading audio files used to be in the free plan, as were plugins. But I guess that came to be viewed as less economically viable than charging money for them. A portion of businesses sometimes take their modus operandi from drug dealers, and the rest of the time from pirates.

I chose “” as the new web address. You can probably see that up above, in the web address window of your browser. That address change doesn’t alter anything you have to do to get here, because the old name and old links out there simply redirect all inbound traffic to the new web moniker automagically. Functionally, it makes no difference – except to me. Now I can better clog this Internet Tragedy with even stupider content than I could before, and in greater quantity. What more could one ask?

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2 thoughts on “New Name, Same Game

  1. Merry Christmas

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