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Another Trailer Goes Rogue

Odd photo above, isn’t it? I don’t know what it is about the entrance ramp to I-8 that the RV park edges up to, but trailers seem to misbehave when they’re pulled up to speed on it. Wellton is bordered on the north by ag land, and this gizmo, whatever it is, apparently unhitched and, liberated from the pickup truck pulling it, decided to try crashing the guard rail and diving down into the park. It didn’t make it. I would have expected it to turn over, but it didn’t, which is a very good thing for the owner. It was part of a two-vehicle convoy. I’m hoping that the owner was driving the pickup, so that no employee incurs his displeasure! Assuming that it’s relatively undamaged, recovering it shouldn’t be too tough. Unfortunately, fixing the guard rail won’t be free. FYI, there’s a barbed wire fence and cinder block wall at the bottom of this slope.

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2 thoughts on “Another Trailer Goes Rogue

  1. jr cline on said:

    Too much adventure for me. Glad I wasn’t towing it.

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