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Departing Joe Skeen Campground

Guess where I am now?

Since my alloted 7 days were up at the Joe Skeen Campground in New Mexico, it was time to move on, but not before driving 10 or so miles south first, just to survey the scenery. The photos below do not do justice to what can be seen from the highway, since most times there is no place to pull over for a shot. Let’s just say that the drive south toward a large stone arch is not to be missed.

Considering that this was a resupply day and time was a factor, I passed by a couple of diversions that would provide scenic entertainment. But for me, that’s okay, because I prefer to leave some features unseen so that coming through again will not be used up as far as opportunities go. I prefer to see what I feel like, and not scramble to pack everything in, which can be wearing.

I checked into the Bar “S” RV Park in order to consolidate errands. For $22, I could shower, refill the Intrepid’s water tank, and do laundry without having to drive all over Grants and Milan to do the same things individually. Nice park, although I should mention nearby railroad tracks and some rumble strips on a paved road somewhere nearby. Not too bad, though. Don’t count on the free WiFi to do anything meaningful – despite a strong signal, it often cuts out. Even when it works, my Verizon signal is still faster despite being throttled down as penance for my having gone over my high-speed data limit already. It’s their way of saying I’m a naughty boy.

Not so tiny Tiny House. This isn’t the kind of thing you want to travel with – it’s for keeping planted in one spot before circumstances force a move. Impressive though, no?

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6 thoughts on “Departing Joe Skeen Campground

  1. Linda Sand on said:

    It’s amazing how big those tiny houses are.

  2. That’s a lot bigger than my tiny house! Great pictures of the craggy mountains!

  3. Mark Palmeri on said:

    nice photos ! i am slightly envious of your freewheelin’ lifestyle.

    • Thanks, Mark! It works for me. It must be admitted that, like anything else, there are practical problems and substantial downsides to it for different people. Despite all the self-validating happy talk, a substantial percentage of RVers, vanners and what have you eventually go back to stix & bricks. You’ll get no complaints from me on this tour, however!!

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