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Action Trumps Sentiments

Last evening, I was watching Expedition Overland’s set of videos about touring down into Central America (Season 2). I had downloaded them earlier on my DSL Internet service at Rancho Begley, to watch later. This is a bunch of guys who know how to get sponsors for their overland voyages, let me tell you! They got contacts! I had seen them at Overland Expo West last year, but didn’t know much about them except that they were working hard to produce and promote videos of their travels. The first couple of episodes are little but gushing praise for the various sponsors who donated equipment and installation services, but along the way there is also some insight as to what true overlanding involves, as opposed to Campsploring, which is what I do.

At any rate, I hit Episode 6 of the series, and the tenor changed from antics and coughing up tainted food to American soldiers, medical volunteers and veterans working with amazing persistence to leave their parts of the world better than they found them. The stark contrast between the quiet, almost hidden actions of these men as they encounter human misery, and that of politicians who enrich themselves once the microphones are gone, is both sobering and inspiring. It also gives one a chance to cut through the narcissism, myopia and trivial petulance of our own culture to see unsung personal commitment still making a measurable difference in individual lives. If you have time to waste, may I suggest amusing yourself starting at Episode 1? If not, Episode 6 will give you a much fuller picture of what these volunteers do than in the brief videos at the websites I cite below.

They each write a decent, if official-sounding explanation of their missions in life on their respective websites. Watch their introductory videos. But, like seeing as opposed to reading about or even hearing about, Episode 6 takes things down to the realities, the full picture. No time or data usage even for Episode 6? Then you can visit and explore:

Team 5

Combat Flip Flops

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2 thoughts on “Action Trumps Sentiments

  1. Wow. Good on them. Puts things into perspective right quick.

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