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Change of Pace

A walking path.

A walking path.

I’m temporarily in Columbus, Ohio as a diversion while I wait for the wheels of medical assessment to turn, but here are a few shots of a walking path very close to where I’ve been staying in Indianapolis. As with every other place in the country, the weather has been markedly warmer than usual. In practical terms, you’re out of the hot sun while you’re along this path, but on a hot and humid day, the air is so still and humid that the heat you produce by walking will make you grateful for the invention of air conditioning by the time you get home. In cooler mornings, the path is a rewarding retreat.

A little farther along.

A little farther along.

This path goes along the shoreline of a small lake, so now and then the water comes into view. At certain times of year, this must be a fabulous diversion.

The whole area is part of a private housing development, and this picnic table and "buffet" table make me wonder just how long they've been here. It's an inviting little spot.

The whole area is part of a private housing development, and this picnic table and “buffet” table make me wonder just how long they’ve been here. It’s an inviting little spot.

Indianapolis is remarkable to me in that in many areas there is an absence of the “strip and build” mentality so common to where I come from. Areas of lush vegetation are common, and narrower roads and drives must actually be trimmed back now and then to permit the passage of boxy vehicles like the Intrepid. I find it to be amazing, in its own quiet way.

A different spot offers a small seat, good for a gaze.

A different spot offers a small seat, good for a gaze.

Anyway, cranes visit this lake, and in the evenings you can observe an occasional splash on the surface as a fish goes for a bug. It makes one’s thoughts wander to fishing, but with swarms of minnows visibly wandering the shoreline, I’m thinking that actually catching something may be a relatively rare experience. Still, that would be a good match for my contemplative fishing style.

A typical local street is lined with some pretty thick undergrowth!

A typical local street is lined with some pretty thick undergrowth!

I suppose that if you’re used to all of this type of landscape, it’s not so remarkable, but as a reminder, I’m from some pretty bare and featureless parts of Illinois, and this is where I’ve been spending most of my time lately:


Pretty much any vegetation you see here is capable of defending itself!

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11 thoughts on “Change of Pace

  1. Indianapolis area has come a long way in the past 50 years. When I grew up there is was pretty bare. But not the White River area has been revitalized and lots of urban renewal projects have happened. It has changed so much, I get lost each time I visit. I spent the first 23 years of my life there.

    • I’m usually bewildered by such changes in where I’ve lived, no longer able to recognize anything familiar. I never lived in Indy, which perhaps explains why I like it so much!

  2. Looks like you found a little slice of heaven.

  3. Oh, of course! A Manly man would not say such a thing! Lol. I am currently staying in a spot that is also filled with green!

    I wish I had the words to express the incredible beauty here in this area, Sonoita-Elgin, which is in, believe it or not, Southern Arizona, the Desert state. It’s the monsoon season here, which means the grass and the trees are all green and growing. You can see sweeping miles of green fields, dotted here and there with Mesquite trees, till you get into a lowland section, where the giant, and ancient, Cottonwood trees will follow and shade the intermittent streams, better known as washes, that fill this land. Far enough away from everything manmade, that even the sound of a ranch vehicle driving by, is always a surprise. Literally thousands of acres to feast your eyes on and all from my little campsite!

    I hope you get to visit this area someday. I think you would find it to be “Real Nice”!

    • You’re the second one to recommend that area to me. Ordinarily, I’d never take the “southern route” due to heat, but for all I know, a serious delay here would mean I’d have that option due to fall weather, and it would almost be a race back. We’ll see!

  4. jr cline on said:

    Good luck with the doctors.
    That’s a beautiful walk. It’s green, hot, and humid here. I usually look like someone sprayed me with a hose by the time I get back from a walk. đź‘Ť

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