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Sunup in Sandwich

"...Red sky at dawn, quick, mow the lawn!" Is that how it goes?

“…Red sky at dawn, quick, mow the lawn!” Is that how it goes?

Not all of the beauty is out west. There’s a decent supply here, with big oak shade trees and venerable old homes in Sandwich, Illinois.

My friend Matt posted a pic of the backyard view from his new (to him) house:

Life is tough, hey? Just not here right now.

Life is tough, hey? Just not here right now.

That photo somehow reminded me of the violent storms that just blew through a couple of nights ago. Fortunately, the winds shifted and hit the trailer on the nose instead of broadside, but the rain was ample for a long time and often went sideways. For the first time, water appeared inside the trailer, dripping from the seam surrounding the bathroom roof vent. Having already been in very heavy rains before, I’m suspecting it was the wind doing something with a marginal seam. After all, it may be a long, single sheet of aluminum up there, but between the punctures for vents and A/C, and the huge deep dents caused by some prior owner, anything goes. Some of the dents are so big that, for all I know, there might be some tidal wave action going on up there! I’ve been holding off on getting a collapsible ladder that is long enough to give me roof access, but finally caved and ordered one yesterday. I already have some good sealing goop in an opened tube, so now’s the time.

The rain here has been frequent and ample since I arrived, to the point that the field has gotten mushy, delaying my pulling out the trailer to hit the dump station directly. Not without seriously tearing up the nice grass, anyway. The Tankmin waste system has earned its keep here. I even had trouble getting the truck alone out one morning, and had to idle it out in 4WD!

Just to note the amazing similarity, here's Lake Begley.

Just to note the amazing similarity, here’s Lake Begley.

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3 thoughts on “Sunup in Sandwich

  1. I love it, your own lake!

  2. Linda Barton on said:

    I wondered where you were when the tornadoes hit. I have never seen Romeoville so torn up and yet I am grateful it was not worse. Glad to know you weathered the storm. Me, I was out elect for 4 days and cable and internet 5 days.I may have to drive out to see your lake one day.

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