Strolling Amok

Pops goes on tour.


Due to the fridge being out of action, I got antsy on the way south from Wendover, Utah and made the four-day schedule turn onto just two. I just dropped by and made an appointment for tomorrow morning at the RV repair place in Quartzsite, AZ. They’ll determine just how deep the bad news goes. Shouldn’t be too bad…

Sorry there are no pics on this post. I took them with the “wrong” camera for transfer to the iPad and I will put up a couple of posts about the trip down. It was notable for the scenery and the weather at altitude. The big desktop will come into play once I am able to settle in for awhile at one location and deploy the solar panels, and that’s what I’ll use to post them.

The only other notable thing is that the LTVA area I stayed in last year here is probably closed and gated due to the government shutdown. That’s no biggie, I can get around that, but access to their dump station will also be blocked. I may need to hit a commercial dump station if the shutdown persists, and I’m sure there’s some humorous irony in there somewhere about that. There are some 14-day areas surrounding Quartzsite that I can stay at if the repair runs on for a few days. In fact, I’m at one just two miles north of town. We’ll see if parts must be shipped in, and that will determine where I stay and for how long before I can comfortably deploy the panels and set up camp somewhere. Adventure!

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  1. You must be in my neighborhood or I am in yours. Could that be Hi Jolly?

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