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Getting a Handle on Rest

Exit from the bunkbed is made much easier with high handles.

Exit from the bunkbed is made much easier with high handles mounted on the underside of the upper bunk.

This barely qualifies as a “mod” that should be written about, but here it is anyway. Scooching out of the lower bunkbed can be a clumsy affair, especially if one’s back is acting up. A stop at the hardware store for utility handles solved the problem. I cheated, because I also have an electronic studfinder. That made locating the exact boundaries of the few skinny overhead beams easy. Mark the desired locations, break out the DeWalt power drill, and three minutes later, and BAM! – there’s a world of difference in the ease of rising in the morning. I don’t think I’d dare do pull-ups with these handles because of the short screws, but they more than do the job in actual use.

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3 thoughts on “Getting a Handle on Rest

  1. PamP on said:

    Am really enjoying reading about your preparations for full-timing. You seem to have the will to try anything and the talent to make things work – one way or another. I predict you’ll be able to handle almost any snafu that comes up.

    • Thank you, Pam. Actually, I have been full-timing since September of 2012, but I am now in a commercial camp for 3 months to deal with storage items and see the kids and their families. As you noticed, I’m also using the campsite as a sort of repair bay to repair and prep for a couple of years’ of nonstop remote boondocking. It’s been an interesting first year as a rank newbie!

  2. Doug, great “mod”. As someone who also experiences back pain, I think it’s great. Hey whatever works sometimes, lol Beats rolling out and then finding yourself in worse shape after you hit the floor, right??

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