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These two campers are from Truck Camper Porn. Gotta wonder just how much work it takes to build it well.

These two campers are from Truck Camper Porn. Gotta wonder just how much work it takes to build it well.

Originally posted 3/9/2013

Here are some RV-related websites that I check on now and then. I visit them because they are always interesting, with original content. By oddball, I mean non-mainstream. If you’re curious about seeing what RVing is really all about once you go beyond the usual commercialized pap and mere tours among KOAs and other premium RV resorts, click on these and see what you think. Except for the first two items on the list, all of these bloggers were at the recent Rubber Tramp Rendezvous in Quartzsite. They are listed in random order. Enjoy.

Truck Camper Porn is a delightful, brief website that offers a “Truck Camper of the Day” photograph. There are no captions or explanations, so you just have to look and wonder. They describe it as, “Fun, offbeat and practical Truck Campers from around the world.” Nearly all of them are one-off, hand-built truck campers. What’s a truck camper? Click on the link.

Hitek Homeless  is a blog by a couple in their thirties who have somehow packed themselves into a truck camper for the last four years. Two people full-timing in a truck camper is quite a feat. They just recently downsized into a van, which explains why a tent is also in frequent use. Seems their Arctic Fox camper had such a litany of structural and build failures that an all-wheel-drive van seemed a good way to end the problem. They boondock full-time, generate income from workcamping and websites, and the articles are plenty interesting. They are both experienced IT geeks who got fed up with life in a cubicle, and hit the road.

New Age Nomad is made by a young man who’s heavy on quality photography, so it’s interesting and visually rewarding. He travels around Arizona continually.

Wheeling It is posted by a couple in a 40′ motorhome who prefer to boondock or dry camp. Like most motorhome people, they have the bucks to hit the tourist traps, and eat well, and socialize. Part of the reason is probably that they avoid most pay campsites. They travel with several pets, but fortunately for me, they hardly mention them instead of going on and on with the usual obsessive doting. In fact, if your daydreaming includes RVing with pets someday, the posts here are quick to mention which areas and camps are pet-friendly and which are not. The photography is excellent, and their blog is a rewarding pleasure to read. If you have the money for everyday expenses, these guys know how to “live the RV lifestyle”, such as you may choose to define that, and do it without flaunting it.

Sally Schneider bugged out late in 2012 as practice and familiarization for a stock minivan-based trip to Alaska in the summer of 1013. She likes camping, has been in Alaska several times, but wants to combine the two into a camping adventure trip. She only averages a post a month, but this might pick up once she begins her trip, barring cellular range problems.

The Wealthy Hobo missed his calling. Clearly an intellectual, he should have been writing good fictional books instead of working an assortment of low-pay jobs. Now in his early 30’s, he’s saved up and is wandering for 5 years by car, not only in the U.S. but internationally. He just started in January 2013!  As he says, “This site is about the journey from a lost existence to living a dream.” His style is to lay on the descriptive and contemplative a bit heavily, but then, he’s stopped a life that was slowly strangling him and is trying to feel out a new one that seems a much better fit. It might just strike a chord with you.

GiffordsRvDream is by a guy who says, “My main goal: to wander around North America, catching up with old friends, visiting new places and experiencing things I haven’t before. This is my story…”  He is doing just that, but that’s where his energy goes. He writes good stuff, but only posts about every half-year! Still, it’s worth a visit.

Letters from Trisha is written by a woman who is just starting out in full-timing. Her blog is new, short on pictures, sporadic on posts, but the lengthy wealth of her observations makes it a must-read for me. I hope she keeps going with it.

Jeanne, another newbie, writes On the Road with Riley was working at Dell, bought a small Lazy Daze motorhome in February 2012, and camped locally. She liked it so much that she sold her home, quit her job at Dell, and planned to “take some time off and travel, then decide what I wanted to do and where I would live. So, now I’m on the road, living the dream.  And it’s fantastic!” She posts fairly frequently, is an excellent photographer, and knows what she’s doing on a blog. A good read.

Kim writes Kimbopolo and travels in a Roadtrek conversion van with her husband. They aren’t afraid to put on the miles to crisscross the country, hitting every national park they can and photographing plates of food from the places they stop to eat at. She also has a good selection list of other related blogs she recommends.

RVLyEverAfter is a slightly eclectic blog written by a woman full-timer. It doesn’t contain any description of her or any site navigation aids, but does have some worthwhile content and a set of blog links she reads which you may find interesting, too.

Jimbo’s Journeys covers his wandering and workcamping in his Lazy Daze motorhome. Interesting to follow along.

Yep there are plenty of other worthwhile websites, but these ought to either inspire you, or cause you to rethink and trash that daydream about hitting the road!

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