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Win Some, Lose Sum

Originally posted 10/29/2012

Well, after much wrangling over the phone because of a towing service that felt it could not enter BLM land without a permit, Coach-Net came through with a tow truck. The BLM prohibits commercial repairs onsite, but a vehicle can be towed out. The towing guy had no wheel dolly and was going to chain the axle up toward the frame. Nothing to chain it to, unfortunately. We wound up putting the larger parts of the destroyed bearing back in, put the wheel back on, and he towed it – slowly – to a repair place 3 miles away.

They started work immediately and they had the bearings and new brake parts on hand. The hub/drum will show up tomorrow. They said I’m welcome to stay in it overnight, but I’ll be locked into the yard. Considering that the local Super 8 costs $80/night, getting locked in is fine with me. I’ll be practicing growling and barking at passersby later this afternoon.

When I mentioned that I’d just had the bearings checked, the repair guy said, “That happens all the time.” I’d stopped feeling tire and wheel temps halfway through the trip, so I learned something.

BatteryMinder is now officially stumped as to why its product does not work in my system, and has offered a RMA# to me. The challenge will be finding something resembling a receipt! I’ll be ordering a brand-name, considerably bulkier unit to try, and if that works, two more to follow. The local post office says they accept UPS shipments all the time. I’ll be needing to order today so I can get it in a timely way. I’m hoping that this shop will give me access to an outlet for my battery charger.

Gotta go!

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