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Day Seven, Osceola Iowa

A rest stop along I-35 in Osceola, Iowa is yielding a WiFi signal that actually is both open and operative. I’m parked at the outskirts of the lot and need to use the Hawking Range Extender to get a good hold on it, but it works and I’m attempting to update software on the iMac now, a process that this time is going to consume some 233MB of data. Don’t try that on your cellular data account.

This is an especially functional stop for overnights, since it separates RVs from the overnight noise of semi-tractors. The big drawback of staying at rest areas and truck stops is that many old-school truckers still let engines idle for prolonged periods or overnight. Most don’t. A few who don’t instead use an Auxiliary Power Unit that’s little more than a diesel generator in an enclosure. Those are quieter than a cheapie consumer generator, and louder than a Yamaha or Honda generator. The one that parked next to the Defiant last night had one with enough oomph that

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