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Le Koroc Houseboat

I came across the above platform and wanted to document it before the temporary churn of travel chaos makes me unable to locate it again. I had once looked into building a pontoon-based houseboat as an alternative to a travel trailer, which tends to result in a very nice hovel on water, and a fairly impractical one on land. My own stumbling blocks with the concept itself (besides being unaffordable and unworkable for construction time) were how to easily add a third pontoon to help with the prodigious weight that must be dealt with, how to minimize overall weight on top of the platform, and how to obtain said pontoons compartmentalized for safety. Aluminum pontoons can and do fail, albeit rarely, immediately capsizing and inverting the craft in the water. This can trap the occupant(s) underwater. Almost-firsthand knowledge. I had to abandon this alternative quickly, but I do like the idea.

So here’s one Frenchy-speak Quebec guy who builds complete rigs (for uber-dinero, no doubt) that should get you dreaming. He does so though his company, Diagno. Apparently, cedar is the wood to go with due to its comparatively light weight. This particular sample has a 26′ length, 13′ of which is cabin, and it’s meant for fishing, not living in. At 5,600 pounds, it’s workable for transport. Add more cabin, and the weight goes up. Check out the 6-1/2 minute video below!

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