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Who’s Yo’ Daddy?

I'm just an ORDINARY man!

I’m just an ORDINARY man!

I believe that whom we listen to and what we take in as a steady diet can have a large impact on who we become as people in the long term. When the difficult times in life come, an inner storehouse of reflections gives us something to draw upon. The nature of the reflection, whether inspirational or dark, defines us as well as the source. The saying “Life is too short to…” has many interesting variants (most of which now come from advertisers), but I believe that time is too precious to squander on toxic waste served up as helpful guidance, and that managing our focus is even more important than managing our limited time. In this post, I limit the topic to what we take in as entertainment, what we read in print, and where we gravitate to on the Internet. As far as worldly influences go, who do we regularly choose as our mentors or our inspirers from around us? From where do you learn new truths? From where are you drawing your water? 

“Your present circumstances don’t determine where you Read more…

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