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Easy as Falling Off a Log

Walking FR140 toward Dogtown Lake.

Walking FR140 toward Dogtown Lake.

The Williams District of Kaibab National Forest struck me one way and then another over the course of several days. When researching it prior to arrival, there were the usual cautions about “Don’t plan on being able to get out if it’s raining.” And true enough, the ground seems to have a high clay content that wants to goosh and then stick to whatever comes in contact with it when soaking wet. Only after I moved in did I discover that there would be moderate rain in the last three days of my stay here, but I’d assumed the worst and my campsite avoids the low-lying pitfalls that the majority of sites have here. Most drop away from the road, most capture and hold water in troughs, and most show signs of earlier wet weather struggles. Two in particular revealed epic, if unsuccessful, challenges of man and machine against Nature, challenges having no particular point involving necessity or destination. They simply involved manly attitudes and manly calls to action. Man quickly lost both challenges. Read more…

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