Strolling Amok

Pops goes on tour.

Kadoka, South Dakota

Nestled into the weeds, awaiting a thunderstorm.

Not much to report here! This gas station is at the northern border of Kadoka, and as I write this, the trucks are just starting to trickle in along with the first few raindrops. The high was 90 today, though it was predicted to be 85.

The oil and filter change went well, although you can always tell a dealer that doesn’t regularly handle diesels. I paid a few shekels less than normal, but the “service engine soon” light came on in the dash as I made my way out, so I gingerly looped right back and told the service guy that I hoped it had nothing to do with oil! Actually, there’s a separate light for an oil pressure problem, but it took me a few minutes to recall that. All I could think of was a Midas Muffler dealer my son once worked at, and a Mustang that came in for an oil change. The guy pulled out and made it a few blocks before the engine started screaming and locked up. No oil. (Nope, my kid didn’t do the change.)

At any rate, two guys lifted the hood and checked what would normally be touched during a routine inspection. It seems there’s a sensor in the air filter housing, and the mechanic forgot to reassemble the plug for it. Problem solved. They took it out for a test run before handing it over, just to make sure the light was going to stay out. From there, I stopped for a couple of food items and set the iPhone for a travel center that was two hours away and offered hot showers. Meanwhile, The Garmin GPS was set for Kadoka, my next overnight.

Shower done and heading for Kadoka, I passed what looked like a nice little travel stop, but the GPS wanted me to go 8 miles farther and then head north. So I did. By the time it wanted me to go down a 1-lane “highway” that wandered all over and had badly broken pavement, I knew I’d been had. The destination it highlighted for me was located miles off of I-90, and in the next town over. I then keyed in GPS coordinates instead of a street address, and it took me back to that nice little travel stop. Sheesh. The iPhone had no issues with the same street address, so I think I’ll be a little more suspicious when using the old Garmin unit, hey? Adventure!

By the way, cellular service may be nonexistent at the next few campsites, so don’t be surprised if the posts suddenly seem to stop. Be surprised if they continue!

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4 thoughts on “Kadoka, South Dakota

  1. Ah yes, the Garmin is a pretty nifty tool, but I learned not to trust ‘Jill’ completely – looking on a map is a good idea too for me. I’ve had her tell me to get off a route, just to send me back onto the same street after a 3 block diversion. ha, ha

    • Oh, I’ve had the routing to get off the highway, take a side road for miles only to turn around and return to where I got off. This was a first for me in that it was happy with an address but planted it in a wonky spot. Oh naughty, naughty Garmin! You’ve named your GPS? That’s pretty weird, Pam. That probably explains why I like it. Since I have my iPhone set to announce driving instructions with a female British accent, I should name it Lady Francis Carfax, after the Sherlock Holmes story “The Disappearance of Lady Francis Carfax”!

  2. jr cline on said:

    Safe travels.

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