Strolling Amok

Pops goes on tour.

Jefferson City, Missouri

It’s not all glamour and beautiful city parks when on commute. I stopped by the Binder State Park on the outskirts of Jefferson City to inquire about vacancies, but this being a Friday at about 4 PM, they were booked and waiting for the last camper to show up. So I made my way to a Walmart some 5 miles distant and set up camp, such as I do. I napped and at 7:30, there was a knock on the Intrepid’s door. Opening it revealed the husband of the Binder Camp host I’d talked to. It seems that the last camper, who had pleaded on the phone earlier, failed to actually show up to claim his spot, and this guy had driven the distance specifically to let me know and invite me out for the last campsite! Incredible! I’d apparently mentioned Walmart as my next destination, and he had hunted me down. Now that’s customer service. Alas, being 7:30 PM with only a brief overnight to stay, it wasn’t worth breaking camp to move back out there and lose 20 bucks to boot. It had been a whim to stop by in the first place. Amazing story, though, don’t you think?

From here on, it’s Walmarts and truck stops, so the frequent pace of posts may stutter a bit, barring more mini-adventures of which I hope there are none!

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4 thoughts on “Jefferson City, Missouri

  1. Chris on said:

    We need more stories in the world like this!

  2. Linda Sand on said:

    Excellent customer service indeed! Too bad it made sense to you to not reward him for that effort. I would have made the same choice but still…

    • Yep, I just wasn’t into breaking camp again to do a sleepover that cost that much dough, especially since the hookups would also go to waste. I’m hoping that my profuse thanks (and astonishment) were some reward. I’ve never been hunted down by a camp host, especially for a nice reason.

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