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One Day Evelo E-Bike Sale

Here's mine.

Here’s mine, prior to the transformation.

Here’s the short and sweet version. If you’ve been seriously contemplating getting yourself an Evelo e-bike, the Aurora model being the basis for the Awesome Strolling Amok E-Bike Pack Mule, you now have a troublesome decision to make. Keep saving in a methodical fashion or, ready or not, save yourself some significant money.

“Cyber Monday”, today, from start to finish, the deals ramp up, depending upon how much money you spend.

  • $2,500 or more nets $375 off (coupon code CM375 at checkout),
  • $3,000 or more returns $450 (coupon code CM450 at checkout),
  • and $4,000 or more discounts $600 – plus a lock, pannier bag, and multi-tool (coupon code CM600 at checkout).

All of these earn a 2-year warranty, which extends the standard 18-month one. The coupon codes are the key to the whole thing and are fully explained on Evelo’s sale day welcome page here. I won’t get credited with referring your purchase via that link, but that’s okay. The important thing is that you save some serious dough if you’re already planning on acquiring one, or if you have some kinky either/or brand comparison where a lower price would swing the choice. Of course, you also have the option of going there through my own affiliate link or the Evelo logo on the right side of every page here, and simply entering in the appropriate discount code to do exactly the same thing. But at midnight tonight, those discounts go comatose, so don’t fiddle around too long.

If you already own an Evelo of some sort, like me, join me in grousing and whining. If I’d had such an opportunity when I got mine, I’d have saved a neat bundle, making the cost of the big motor and NuVinci 360 gearless hub hurt less. If you don’t own one or your significant other is making covetous noises, the sale prices make it possible to include such options that you might not normally be able to swing. If you want to read an evaluation of those options, you can go to my Pack Mule Page and saw your way through it, or breeze through Evelo’s guide to electric bicycles. I wouldn’t normally post this type of promotional stuff, but this is another one of those things where if I didn’t, someone out there might have wished I did. So here ya go.

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