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The Mundane & the Bizarre

Wow! Floor registers! Spooky! No wait, this is the mundane one...

Wow! Floor registers! Spooky! No wait, this is the mundane one…

Well, there comes a time in every man’s life when he must grasp fate by the nape of the neck and laugh at risk. This isn’t one of those times. I just got tired of stepping on a bathroom floor register that was extremely uncomfortable on bare feet. The previous owner had topped the registers with wide magnetic strips to seal them off and cushion the ribs, but this one was now cut through and the other registers were bent. The only place I could find replacements in the unusual 4″x8″ size was Camping World, which requires you to sign up for spam each time you order. Not my fav. But I ordered the replacements at just $6 a pop for three, and they installed no problem. Exciting.

Then there are the Monkey Skulls.

Don't these look kinda like two skulls side by side?

Don’t these look kinda like two skulls side by side?

I was on a walk down old 89 and noticed the above along the low rock face. It’s more convincing in 3D, but the left shape (at photo center) especially makes me think of a monkey skull, despite my never actually having seen one. Perhaps that’s why this works for me.

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4 thoughts on “The Mundane & the Bizarre

    • Nope, I’ve got a full hopper, Swank. I’m stalling for time while I write the next post, and work on high-priority stuff that requires timelines, research and preplanning. Who said camping was easy?

  1. Virginia Massey on said:

    I see them! That’s wild. It’s like a rock Rorscharch test.

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