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Pops goes on tour.


MakingMistakesFor those of you foolish enough to have signed up for e-mail notification about new posts here, you’ve all gotten automatic notification about a post called Deep-Cycle Surprise, and then clicked on the link to see…nothing. My apologies. I’ve been working hard on that particular piece, but it isn’t yet ready for prime time. I simply hit the wrong button and unintentionally published it before it was done. Then I yanked it.

It has to do with the Enterprise’s solar power system, and some unexpectedly big performance differences between two of it’s different battery packs – marine hybrid flooded and AGM. Sounds like a boringly technical piece, but I’m trying to keep it from being that. It isn’t ready to post because the events feeding it are not yet over, it seems. New performance anomalies streaming in affect the reconfiguration direction to take, and there’s little point in posting a problem/solution article until the “problem” shows some consistency.

ProfHigginsNothing is malfunctioning here – it’s just the usual process of fine tuning things so that each system will let me do what I want to be able to do, without introducing too many drawbacks.  As Professor Higgins explains in My Fair Lady, “I’m an ordinary man, who desires nothing more…than just an ordinary chance to live exactly as he likes and do precisely what he wants! An average man am I, of no eccentric whim, who likes to live his life free of strife, doing whatever he thinks is best for him… Just an ordinary man!”

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2 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. Doug

    If you give us a clue as to what your problem is
    Maybe we can give you a clue for the solution


    • Well, thanks Jerry, but until the data settles into a decent pattern (as opposed to the single-event data I started writing with) there’s no point in analyzing anomalies. It’s getting there day by day, as is my consistent usage pattern, and the solution is forming in a somewhat different direction now. No point in posting this particular thing until I have something interesting to write about – in a readable form.

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