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Rearranging the Food Chain

A deceased rattlesnake.

A deceased rattlesnake.

Originally posted 3/19/2013

Well, so far, I’ve had a giant spider and a scorpion try to get cozy in my mobile bungalow. I’ve watched a bobcat saunter past the truck, and today was driving to the dump station when I saw a guy beside his quad ATV looking around on the ground as if he’d lost his keys. Turns out he’d seen a young rattlesnake crossing the dirt path and decided to readjust the risk to the many dogs (and people) in the area with a long crowbar. He was now looking for its head, which he was afraid would interest a passing mutt. I don’t know if he ever found it, but I’ll be watching the ground around the trailer just a little more carefully when I groggily stumble down its tilted steps!

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