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Have a Thankful Thanksgiving!


Originally posted 11/22/2012

Often, when I look around the “house”, I see all the things that eventually need to be organized, improved, fixed, or changed around in order to work properly, or at least better. I’m task-oriented, I guess, but this tin shack on wheels is becoming a home. What helps make a physical, functional home (to me) is to be able to do what you need to do each day in relative comfort and security.

But now and then, I look up from what I’m doing and, instead of seeing a laundry list of to-do’s, I see a warm, comfortable living space with sunlight coming in the windows. And I find that whenever I glance out those windows, it’s hard to just glance. The view is such that you find yourself
looking for awhile. Same thing when I stick my head out the door at night. It’s hard to resist the draw of the thousands and thousands of stars glowing in the nighttime sky.


There’s plenty of food in the cabinets, and a bunch of ripening bananas in front of me on the dinette table where I currently type. The bed is comfortable and is no bigger nor smaller than it needs to be, and it’s quiet at night. A toasty little propane heater nicely breaks the morning chill when I rise for the day. The bathroom and kitchen are more compact versions of just what you have at home. There’s plenty of electrical power to carry out both what I need to do and what I like to do each day. I’m impatient to get the desktop computer up and rolling, sure, but that will be icing on the cake. For now, this iPad with its little keyboard and the cellular data card get the job done. It’s also nice to have a reliable vehicle to get around with. I’ve had my share of the other kind!

Most importantly, I am always aware that there is an assortment of people out there that I care about, who also give a damn about whether things are going okay for me. That’s important. Such a huge change in lifestyle can be intimidating at times – you should have picked up by now that I’m not at all an adventurous type. I’m just someone who has at last limped away from what hasn’t worked, in order to discover what might be a better individual fit. Having come to the conclusion (with some assistance) that I’m just not wired up like most folks, it explains to me why I’ve finally needed to venture outside the realm of the purely conventional. It’s not at all based in rebelling against something. It’s more like becoming willing to let go of ill-fitting clothes and either going on the hunt for what does fit, or creating some yourself. Ever put on a “one size fits all” that didn’t at all fit? I am provisioned a bit differently, it seems, and it’s better to realize that and make some adaptations while I still have the opportunity to. I’ve always been a late bloomer (or extremely slow to catch on, depending on your point of view).

For that opportunity, the means to pursue it, and for your forbearance, I am thankful.

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