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Doing What Can’t Be Done

One bed cover, ready to go.

One bed cover, ready to go.

Originally posted 10/3/2012

The truck bed tonneau cover manufacturer Truxedo and its dealers will tell you that its original Truxedo model cannot be shortened en situ, and that about $520 will get you a special-order cover of another model in a few weeks.

Now the original Truxedo cover is a quality piece, a solid design with very durable materials, and mine cost me about $400-plus four years ago. It can be mounted to the bed by one person in a couple of minutes, using its clamping system. It opens and closes easily, without snaps. Although the tonneau material does not seem to shrink or weather, it can be re-tensioned in another minute or so if needed. For a cheapskate like myself, the Truxedo is one of those few products that you pay substantially more for and don’t regret a penny of it.

But, I hated the thought of ditching my perfect $400 cover to then lay out again for a $500 replacement. A local Truxedo dealer understood my plight and pointed me to Read more…

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