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Solar Oven

A solar oven what am.

A solar oven what am.

The other day, I returned back to the Enterprise from a hearty (for me) bike ride exploring the nether reaches of my La Posa West Long Term Visitor Area, and was greeted with a chunk of banana bread from Swankie Wheels, who has been camping close by until she can hook up with some friends that are due in soon. That $180 LTVA seasonal pass can be a bit much for one person to swing, and that’s when you call in some buds to share the expense. Living in a van with a cargo trailer, she’ll eventually move to an area further down that has several outhouses scattered about. That’s a daytime convenience for people without holding tanks in their rigs, and officially, such RVs are required to camp within 500 feet of them here at the LTVA.

At any rate, I was a bit stunned to be handed a warm slice of banana bread by someone who barely has room in their rig to turn around, let alone bake!?! The “How on earth did you make this?” question led to a trip to her cargo trailer door. She opened it, then lifted out a square contraption, setting it on the ground. She unfolded and flipped several hinged and highly polished aluminum reflectors in a few seconds, and BAM! – solar oven.

I’ve heard of ’em, of course, but had never seen one. What impressed me about this one was that it wasn’t a Read more…

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