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Politics as Theater

My daughter-in-law recently posted the video at the very bottom of this post on her Facebook page, which surprised me – but shouldn’t have. She is a thoughtful person who supported Progressive Bernie Sanders in his bid for the Democratic nomination, and she justifiably felt betrayed and outraged when Hillary Clinton conspired with the media to engineer him out of her way in a move that would have made Richard Nixon beam with pride. Then to try to bring the disaffected back into the herd, Hillary confidently assured them that her pick for VP was a True Progressive, which I was surprised didn’t make her nose grow to yardstick proportions. To ensure her success, the press understandably avoided checking this claim or bringing up any contradictions it presented.

What caught my attention in the first wave of protests in DC and in Portlandia was that Read more…

Discretionary News Reporting

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Being stuck in one spot for awhile has exposed me to the occasional TV news broadcast, which I normally do not subject myself to. They devoutly preach disaster, calamity and fear in order to get attention and, when possible, ghoulishly feed off the misery of others before flying off to circle over the next newsworthy carcass. At least they no longer, as in the 1960s, stick microphones into faces and ask, “How does it feel to know that your daughter was just murdered?”

Once I hit the road in 2012, I found that an enforced ignorance on my part was far more blessing than curse – most of what the media conveys today equates far more to sensationalist or anecdotal party gossip than to news which an informed person needs to be aware of. I do not count myself as worse off. As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “I will add, that the man Read more…

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