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It’s Past That Time of Year Again!

Just looking at this image makes me wince! Subtract one or the other item, and it’s all okay – energizing, even. Too many project deadlines in my past, I guess, with the vast majority being arbitrary.

This year, March 5-7 was National Procrastination Week! Naturally, right about now is the proper time for actual observance, in the spirit under which it was founded: humor. Take a human weakness, and celebrate it as if it were a good thing. If you have to force it to mean something, National Procrastination Week is really not a time for putting off essentials, but about setting aside the busywork that doesn’t count for much in the end, and reminding ourselves what’s really of value, and paying attention to that. I don’t know about you, but I tend to be captivated by the inconsequential…like National Procrastination Week. Its reminder to me is to take a little time to reflect upon what kinds of things I tend to put off, and why I choose those things. Plus, it also tends to evoke thoughts about priorities and time management. Things are set aside for a reason, not because they are crowded out by unreasoned chaos.

But there is unhappy news to report this year as well. In the past, the observance been criticized by humor-challenged control freaks who rarely pick up on either sarcasm or wit, and who assume that people are actually being encouraged to procrastinate. Seriously. But that’s to be expected by the few who just don’t get such things, and that’s okay. You just kind of ignore the Read more…

National Procrastination Week

Here is a commemorative display. I can't tell what year this might be from, as the March 1-7 simply falls within the "first two weeks of March" mandate. Doesn't much matter.

Here is a commemorative display. I can’t tell what year this might be from, as the March 1-7 simply falls within the “first two weeks of March” mandate. Doesn’t much matter.

With this post, I’m announcing the observance of National Procrastination Week 2016, which actually took place March 6-12. If you Google the holiday, you’ll find two sets of sad cases. One set of crazies takes it as a serious holiday with psychologically therapeutic benefits. The other set takes the Politically Correct stance, decrying the corrosive and harmful effects of frequent procrastination on the psyche. Neither side sees any tongue-in-cheek aspect, and I’ll bet neither side of this tremendously unimportant and indecisive issue is in much demand at chit-chat parties. Life must be earnest but grim when a sense of humor is lacking. Time to be thankful for the little things that aren’t quite so little after all!

Take a moment today, or perhaps sometime later this week, to appreciate your sense of humor. As the great philosopher Mark Twain wisely advised, Read more…

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